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Site Preparation Checklist for the JCS 1200 Platform

The checklist in Table 1 summarizes the tasks you need to perform when preparing a site for platform installation.

Table 1: Site Preparation Checklist

Item or Task

For More Information

Performed By



Verify that environmental factors such as temperature and humidity do not exceed platform tolerances.

JCS 1200 Platform Environmental Specifications


Locate sites for connection of system grounding.

JCS 1200 DC Power Grounding Requirements and Warning


Calculate the power consumption and requirements.


Verify that your rack meets the minimum requirements for the installation of the platform.


Plan rack location, including required space clearances.

JCS 1200 Clearance Requirements for Airflow and Hardware Maintenance


If a rack is used, secure rack to floor and building structure.

JCS 1200 Connection to Building Structure

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