Technical Documentation

Locating the JCS 1200 Routing Engine Serial Number

The Routing Engine model number and serial number are located on the ID label that is behind the control panel door on the front of the Routing Engine, and on a label on the side of the Routing Engine that is visible when the Routing Engine is not in the JCS 1200 platform (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: JCS 1200 Routing Engine Serial Number Label

Image g002814.gif

To display the Routing Engine serial number, enter the info -T blade[x] command (where x is a value of 1 through 12 for each Routing Engine) from the management module CLI.

The Routing Engine serial number is located in the Component serial no. field as shown in the following sample output:

system> info -T blade[1]
UUID: DB39 735D 4512 319C BD74 4CC4 9376 DA98 
Manufacturer: Not Available (Not Available)
Manufacturer ID: 20301
Product code: System Enclosure/JCS1200 Chassis/ 
Serial number: Not Available
Part no.: 740-023156
Component serial no.: JCS-CHASSIS-SN-BCG001
CLEI: Not Available
AMM slots: 2
Blade slots: 12
I/O Module slots: 10
Power Module slots: 4
Blower slots: 4
Media Tray slots: 2

A set of blank labels comes with each Routing Engine (see Figure 2). Record identifying information on a label, and place it on the JCS 1200 platform top bezel, just above the Routing Engine. Do not place the label on the Routing Engine itself or in any way block the ventilation holes on the Routing Engine.

Figure 2: User Label Locations on the JCS 1200 Platform

Image bb1cp011.gif