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Supported PICs for Shared Interfaces with the JCS 1200 Platform

Shared interfaces are owned by the Root System Domain (RSD). With JUNOS Release 9.3, shared interfaces can be configured only on SONET PICs installed on Enhanced Services (ES) FPCs. Because ES FPCs are not supported on the T320 router, only a T640 or T1600 routing node can be configured as an RSD with shared interfaces.

Table 1 shows the SONET PICs that support shared interfaces:

Table 1: PICs Supporting Shared Interfaces

PIC Name

PIC Model Number

First JUNOS Release

4-port OC48 SONET, SFP



1-port OC192 SONET, XFP



4-port OC192 SONET, XFP



1-port OC768 SONET, SR



To configure shared interfaces, each PSD requires a single tunnel PIC. With JUNOS Release 9.3, interfaces that are configured to peer with shared interfaces are supported only on tunnel PICs that are mounted on Type 3 Enhanced Scaling FPCs (FPC3-ES) and on any Type 4 FPC (FPC4).

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