Technical Documentation

Troubleshooting JCS 1200 Power Problems

Table 1 shows common symptoms and corrective actions for troubleshooting power problems.

Table 1: Troubleshooting JCS 1200 Power Problems



The JCS 1200 platform does not start.

  1. Make sure that:
    1. All power cords are connected to a compatible power source and that the power sources are working (see Connecting the JCS 1200 AC Platform to AC Power or Connecting the JCS 1200 DC Platform to DC Power).
    2. The input power and output power LEDs on the power modules are lit.
  2. If you just installed an optional device, remove it. If the JCS 1200 platform now starts, you might have installed more devices than the power modules support. You might have to install power modules in power module bays 3 and 4.