Technical Documentation

Locating the JCS 1200 Power Module Serial Number

The power module serial number is located on the top of the power module (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: JCS 1200 Power Module Serial Number Label

Image g002817.gif

To display the power module serial number, enter the info -T power[x] command (where x is a value of 1 through 4 for each power module) from the management module CLI.

The media tray serial number is located in the Component serial no. field as shown in the following sample output:

system> info -T power[1]
UUID: D12E 12E5 8977 4A59 B119 3B74 90E2 D2DE 
Manufacturer: Not Available (ASTE)
Manufacturer ID: 320
Product code: JCS1200 AC Power Supply
Serial number: Not Available
Part no.: 740-023174
Component serial no.: JCS-POWER-SN-BCG001
CLEI: Not Available
Power Module Cooling Device firmware rev.: 14
Power Module Cooling Device:
        Status: ok
        Count: 3
        Speed: 71%
        Avg RPM: 7125
        Control State: Operational