Technical Documentation

Locating the JCS 1200 MUX Card Serial Number

The MUX card serial number is located on the side of the MUX card.

To display the MUX card serial number, enter the info -T mux[x] command (where x is a value of 1 or 2 for each MUX card) from the management module CLI.

The MUX card serial number is located in the Component serial no. field as shown in the following sample output:

system> info -T mux[1]
UUID: 10C9 6C41 24C7 11DC A824 DA2B 921E 8515 
Manufacturer: Not Available (SLRM)
Manufacturer ID: 20301
Product code: JCS1200 MUX card
Serial number: Not Available
Part no.: 740-023169
Component serial no.: JCS-MT-SN-BCG001
CLEI: Not Available