Technical Documentation

Locating the JCS 1200 Management Module Serial Number

The product name, serial number, and media access control (MAC) address are located on the identification label on the side of the management module (see Figure 1). The MAC address and the default IP address are on a separate label on the bottom of the front of the management module.

Figure 1: JCS 1200 Management Module Serial Number Label

Image g002815.gif

To display the management module serial number, enter the info -T mm[x] command (where x is a value of 1 or 2 for each management module) from the management module CLI.

The management module serial number is located in the Component serial no. field as shown in the following sample output:

system> info -T mm[1]
Name: SN#YK148178117W
UUID: 369C 7EB6 4067 11DC AAAE 0014 5EDF 924E 
Manufacturer: Not Available (ASUS)
Manufacturer ID: 20301
Product code: JCS Adv Management Module
Serial number: Not Available
Part no.: 740-023172
Component serial no.: JCS-MM-SN-BCG001
CLEI: Not Available
AMM firmware
        Build ID:       BPEO36F
        File name:      CNETCMUS.PKT
        Rel date:       02-11-08
        Rev:            36