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JUNOS Software Package Names

You upgrade the JUNOS software on an EX-series switch by copying a software package to your switch or another system on your local network, then install the new software package on the switch.

A software package name is in the following format: package-name-m.nZx-distribution.tgz.

  • package-name is the name of the package—for example, jinstall-ex.
  • m.n is the software release, with m representing the major release number and n representing the minor release number—for example, 9.1.
  • Z indicates the type of software release. For example, R indicates released software, and B indicates beta-level software.
  • x represents the version of the major software release—for example, 2.
  • distribution indicates the area for which the software package is provided—For most JUNOS packages, domestic is used for the United States and Canada and export for worldwide distribution. However, for EX-series software, the domestic is used for worlwide distribution as well.

A sample EX-series software package name is jinstall-ex-9.0R2-domestic.tgz.

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