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Configuration Files Terms

Table 1 lists the various configuration file terms and their definitions.

Table 1: Configuration File Terms



active configuration

The current committed configuration of a switch.

candidate configuration

A working copy of the configuration that allows users to make configurational changes without causing any operational changes until this copy is committed.

configuration group

Group of configuration statements that can be inherited by the rest of the configuration.

commit a configuration

Have the candidate configuration checked for proper syntax, activated, and marked as the current configuration file running on the switching platform.

configuration hierarchy

The JUNOS software configuration consists of a hierarchy of statements. There are two types of statements: container statements, which contain other statements, and leaf statements, which do not contain other statements. All the container and leaf statements together form the configuration hierarchy.

default configuration

The default configuration contains the initial values set for each configuration parameter when a switch is shipped.

roll back a configuration

Return to a previously committed configuration.

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