Technical Documentation

Using Diagnostic LEDs to Diagnose Problems on the JCS 1200 Platform

Light path diagnostic LEDs are a system of LEDs on the alarm panel of the JCS 1200 platform and the JCS 1200 components that can be used to diagnose system errors. If the front or rear system-error LED on the JCS 1200 platform is lit, one or more error LEDs on the JCS 1200 components also might be lit. These LEDs help to identify the cause of the problem.

The following example shows how to use the LEDs to diagnose a system error:

  1. Note that the JCS 1200 system-fault LEDs are lit on the media tray LED panel.
  2. To identify the component that is causing the error, locate module that has a lit error LED.
  3. If the component is a module, replace the module.