Technical Documentation

Mini-Physical Interface Modules on the SRX 210 Services Gateway

A Mini-Physical Interface Module (Mini-PIM) is a network interface card that is installed on the SRX 210 services gateway to provide physical connections to a LAN or a WAN. The Mini-PIM receives incoming packets from the network and transmits outgoing packets to the network.

The SRX 210 services gateway supports the following Mini-PIMs:

  • T1/ E1 Mini-PIM
  • 1–port Small Form factor Pluggable (SFP) Mini-PIM

The Mini-PIMs supported on the SRX 210 services gateway are field-replaceable. The field replaceable Mini-PIMs are removable and insertable into the device. You can install a Mini-PIM into the Mini-PIM slot available on the front panel of the services gateway chassis.

Caution: The Mini-PIMs available on the SRX 210 services gateway are not hot-swappable. You need to power off the device before removing or installing Mini-PIMs.