Technical Documentation

JCS 1200 Routing Engine Description

Figure 1 shows a JCS 1200 Routing Engine.

Figure 1: JCS 1200 Routing Engine

Image dw1ay180.gif

The JCS 1200 platform provides 12 bays for Routing Engines. A Routing Engine is a hot-swappable independent server with its own processors, memory, storage, network controllers, operating system, and applications. The Routing Engine is installed in a bay in the JCS 1200 platform and shares power, fans, switches, and ports with other Routing Engines.

Note: JCS 1200 Routing Engines can be used only on the JCS 1200 platform.

The Ethernet controllers on the Routing Engine communicate with the network through the Ethernet-compatible switch modules on the JCS 1200 platform. Network signals to and from the Routing Engine are automatically routed to a same-network-interface switch module through circuitry in the JCS 1200 platform.