Technical Documentation

JCS 1200 Hardware Overview

The JCS 1200 platform has the following hardware features:

  • Hot-swap capability, which allows you to add, remove, or replace Routing Engines, media trays, management modules, switch modules, alarm panel modules, MUX cards, power modules, and fans without removing power from the JCS 1200 platform.
  • A midplane that connects all JCS 1200 components.
  • A management module that functions as a systems management processor. There are two management module bays.
  • Power modules that provide redundant power for all JCS 1200 components. There are four power modules that operate in redundant pairs. Each pair provides power to selected JCS 1200 components.
  • Fans that provide cooling for most JCS 1200 components. There are three fans connected to each power module on the front of the JCS 1200 platform and four hot-swappable fan modules on the rear of the JCS 1200 platform.
  • Two switch modules that support external network interface connections to network resources and control boards of T-series routing platforms.
  • Four high-speed switch module bays that support high-speed external network interface connections to network resources and other devices.

    Note: The high-speed switch module bays are not currently supported on the JCS 1200 platform.

  • A media tray that contains two universal serial bus (USB) version 2.0 ports that can be used by any Routing Engine. There are two media tray bays.

Figure 1 shows a straight-on front view of a JCS 1200 AC platform.

Figure 1: Straight-on Front View of the JCS 1200 Platform

Image bb1ct010.gif

Figure 2 shows a straight-on rear view of a JCS 1200 AC platform with AC power connectors.

Figure 2: Straight-on Rear View of JCS 1200 Platform with AC Connectors

Image BB1CT030.gif