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Removing a TCX1000-2D8CMD from a Rack


If you need to remove a TCX1000-2D8CMD to return it or relocate an installed TCX1000-2D8CMD, perform the following procedure.


When you remove multiple devices from a rack, remove the device in the top of the rack first and proceed to remove the rest of the devices from top to bottom to avoid toppling the rack.


This procedure requires two persons. Do not attempt to do it alone.

Before removing a TCX1000-2D8CMD from a rack:

Ensure that you have the following tool available:

  • Screwdriver appropriate for your rack-mounting screws.

To remove a TCX1000-2D8CMD from a rack:

  1. Pull the knobs on the snap latch (located on either side) to unlock the TCX1000-2D8CMD and slide the TCX1000-2D8CMD out of the slot. Remove all the modules.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws that attach the chassis mounting brackets to the rack.
  3. Remove the TCX1000-RCK-1 chassis from the rack.
  4. Transport the TCX1000-2D8CMD and TCX1000-RCK-1 chassis to your desired new location or pack it to prepare to return (see Returning a Hardware Component to Juniper Networks, Inc.).