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Packing a TCX1000-2D8CMD Chassis or Module for Shipping


If you are returning a TCX1000-2D8CMD module or chassis to Juniper Networks for repair or replacement, pack the item as described in this topic.

Before you pack a TCX1000-2D8CMD:

  • Ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. See Prevention of Electrostatic Discharge Damage.

  • Retrieve the original shipping carton and packing material. Contact your JTAC representative if you do not have these materials, to learn about approved packing materials (see Contacting Customer Support).

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available:

  • ESD grounding strap.

  • Antistatic bag, one for each component.

  • If you are returning the module, an appropriate screwdriver for the mounting screws used on your rack or cabinet.

Packing a TCX1000-2D8CMD for Shipping

To pack a TCX1000-2D8CMD for shipping:

  1. Remove the cables that connect the TCX1000-2D8CMD to all external devices. See Disconnecting a Fiber-Optic Cable from a TCX1000 Device.
  2. Remove the TCX1000-2D8CMD from the rack. See Removing a TCX1000-RDM20 from a Rack or Cabinet.
  3. Place the TCX1000-2D8CMD in an antistatic bag.
  4. Place the TCX1000-2D8CMD in the shipping carton.
  5. Place the packing foam on top of and around the TCX1000-2D8CMD.
  6. Close the top of the cardboard shipping box and seal it with packing tape.
  7. Write the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number on the exterior of the box to ensure proper tracking. See Returning a Hardware Component to Juniper Networks, Inc. for instructions on obtaining an RMA number.