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TCX Series Optical Transport System Capacities


This topic describes the system capacities for the TCX Series Optical Transport System products including the proNX Optical Director. It includes the following subjects:

TCX1000-RDM20 System Capacities

The TCX1000-RDM20 system capacity is determined more by the transceiver capability and the expected reach of the network rather than by the TCX1000-RDM20 itself. The available capacity for any given configuration must be determined for each network design, but it is useful to outline the maximum capacities available on such links and the device parameters that drive these limits.

Table 1 shows the maximum system capacity, for this release, that can be achieved with a full fill of channels for different transceiver capabilities.

For example, the direct connect capability is maximized with only 20 channels present (one on each universal port of the TCX1000-RDM20) but the fixed multiplexer (BTI7800-FMD96) allows for the whole available spectrum to be fully utilized as 96 x 200 Gbps coherent channels at 50 GHz spacing. Finally, this is not intended to show transceiver capability availability but rather to illustrate the system capacity available if and when that capability is available.

Required OSNR is smaller for lower capacity channels.

Table 1: Maximum System Capacity With a Full Fill of Channels for Different Transceiver Capabilities

Capacity in Tbps

100 Gbps


32 G Baud

150 Gbps


32 G Baud

200 Gbps


32G Baud

Direct Connect (20 ports)








proNX Optical Director Capacities

Table 2 lists the proNX Optical Director capacities.

Table 2: proNX Optical Director Capacities



Maximum number of supported ROADM nodes


Maximum number of provisioned services