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About the TCX1000 Series Optical Transport System


This topic introduces you to the TCX1000 Optical Transport System and all of the products in the portfolio.

TCX1000 Optical Transport System Portfolio

The TCX1000 Optical Transport System is a portfolio of products that provide the foundation of a comprehensive, open, and programmable optical transport network. The TCX1000 Series enables service providers, cloud providers, enterprises, and other high capacity network providers to handle the demand of the immense traffic growth on their networks driven by cloud services including, mobile traffic, and high definition entertainment services. These demands are being seen at every part of the network including the Access, Metro and Core. These ultra high capacity networks require a new generation of coherent optimized, highly flexible and open dense wavelength division multiplexed (DWDM) line systems. Photonics is the ultimate enabler of capacity on fiber, which is the medium of choice in high capacity networks.

TCX1000 Programmable ROADM

At the foundation of the TCX1000 Optical Transport System is the TCX1000 Programmable ROADM, a standalone, 20-port advanced reconfigurable add-drop multiplexer (ROADM). You can use the TCX1000 Programmable ROADM, also called the TCX1000-RDM20, to form up to a 20-degree ROADM node and it scales to 19.2 Tbps when used with 96 x 200 Gbps coherent channels. The TCX1000-RDM20 has an integrated high power variable gain amplifier for line amplification and supports both total power monitoring and channel power monitoring.


The TCX1000-2D8CMD is a colorless, two-directional optical multiplexer-demultiplexer that provides eight colorless client ports and two line ports. You can use the TCX1000-2D8CMD to add and drop up to eight colorless channels to and from a single universal port on a TCX1000-RDM20. In addition, connecting the line ports on the TCX1000-2D8CMD to two separate TCX1000-RDM20s in a multi-degree node, enables you to provide 1 + 1 redundancy for the channels on the TCX1000-2D8CMD. You can control which channels are switched to which direction through the proNX Optical Director. The TCX1000-2D8CMD module is a fully passive optical module, with no power, that is packaged in a standard LGX cassette.

TCX1000 Inline Amplifier

The TCX1000 Inline Amplifier or TCX1000-ILA is a standalone erbium-doped fiber (EDFA) amplifier that supports dual optical inline amplification — two functionally separate amplifiers. The TCX1000-ILA provides periodic optical amplification of a dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) signal to enable long-distance transmission as it propagates along the fiber-optic cable. You can use the TCX1000-ILA in all TCX1000-RDM20 network configurations described in this guide.

proNX Optical Director

The proNX Optical Director control and management software is disaggregated from the optical hardware and executed by a centralized server cluster in a high availability DCN connected environment. The proNX Optical Director abstracts the optical control layer from the TCX1000 Series hardware and creates a disaggregated programmable optical layer for the TCX1000 Series hardware.

Disaggregation of the software management and optical controls from the underlying hardware provides multiple benefits to the network operators including flexible deployment, scalability, enhanced automation, best-of-breed hardware support and multi-layer optimization.

It is the combination of the TCX1000 Series hardware and proNX Optical Director control and management software that provide the full TCX1000 Optical Transport System solution.

Combining TCX1000 Series products with the integrated coherent optics within Juniper Networks routing and switching platforms enables a powerful and comprehensive end-to-end packet-optical solution. The proNX Optical Director can manage and control the TCX1000 Series devices in your optical network, as well as optical interfaces in Juniper Networks routers and switches and BTI7800-FM96.

The proNX Optical Director controls and manages the optical control layer for all TCX1000 managed devices as well as the compatible optical interfaces in your Juniper Networks routers and switches.

If you are using the Juniper Networks BTI7800 platform, the proNX Optical Director can control and manage the optical control layers on the Universal Forwarding Modules (UFM3 and UFM6) and the 96-port optical multiplexer-demultiplexer (FMD96).