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proNX Optical Director Performance Monitoring Metrics


This topic describes the performance monitoring metrics provided by the proNX Optical Director. It includes the following topics:

proNX Optical Director Performance Monitoring Metrics Overview

The proNX Optical Director enables you to collect and view performance monitoring metrics and logs on the TCX1000-RDM20.

The proNX Optical Director collects historical performance monitoring metrics (PMs) from managed devices automatically, on a predefined schedule. Historical PMs are PMs that are collected and binned (aggregated over a measurement interval, timestamped, and discretely stored) by the device.

The proNX Optical Director stores collected PMs in a database for 30 days and makes them available for viewing. PM data points older than 30 days are purged from the database. The proNX Optical Director supports the collection and display of 1-minute, 15-minute, and 1-day bins. The actual bins collected and displayed depend on what the device supports. PM points in 15-minute bins are timestamped on the hour and at every 15 minutes thereafter. PM points for the 1-day bin are timestamped at midnight (local time of the machine running the web browser accessing the GUI).

proNX Optical Director Performance Monitors

The proNX Optical Director control and management software provides the following performance monitors:

Span Loss Management

The proNX Optical Director provides span loss management on the TCX1000-RDM20 and the TCX1000-ILA. span loss management determines the total optical loss of the span and makes automatic adjustments to the device hardware controls to compensate for the loss.

Channel Automatic Power Management

The proNX Optical Director provides channel automatic power management to compensate for individual channel power variations to maintain the optimal performance of the channel through the entire network path and to ramp-up channels to the correct line operating power, maintain that power within predefined tolerance levels throughout operation and provide graceful ramp-down of the channel during decommissioning.

Pass-Through Nodal Loss Measurement

Pass-through nodal loss is the loss in the fiber between the two TCX1000-RDM20s at a pass-through site, in other words the loss in the fiber between the two universal ports being used for pass-through.

Table 1 describes the proNX Optical Director metrics for pass-through nodal loss.

The nodal loss OOR alarm is raised against the Rx universal port pass-through fiber connection, however the issue may be with the upstream TCX1000-RDM20 Ux Out port or the downstream TCX1000-RDM20 Ux In port, or the cross-connect fiber itself.

Table 1: Pass-Through Nodal Loss Performance Metric

Performance Metric


Unit (dB)

Refresh rate



Nodal Loss

Client side fiber connect


Every time client data arrives from one of the managed device end-points of a fiber-connection (pass-through Ux port

Current, Minimum, Maximum, Average