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proNX Optical Director Alarms


proNX Optical Director Alarms

The proNX Optical Director control and management software generates the alarms described in Table 1.

Table 1: proNX Optical Director Generated Alarms

proNX Optical Director Alarm

Condition Cause


Unreachable network element

This alarm is raised when an attempt to discover a device fails. The device will be pinged periodically to test whether it has become reachable again. If the device becomes reachable then the alarm is cleared.

Note: Length of time to raise or clear this alarm can be up to 15 minutes.

Network element is unreachable

Network link with farend undiscovered

Port on the TCX1000-RDM20 is pointing to a device that is not discoverable. This can be a line port, universal port, or a connection on the TCX1000-RDM20.

Nodal loss out of range (OOR)

The nodal loss OOR alarm is raised against the Rx universal port pass-through fiber connection, however the issue may be with the upstream TCX1000-RDM20 Ux Out port or the downstream TCX1000-RDM20 Ux In port, or the cross-connect fiber itself.

Pass-through nodal loss is the loss in the fiber between two pass-through universal ports. The range is 0 dB to 5.2 dB.

This alarm is raised when the pass-through nodal loss is out of operational range of the equipment between the two pass-through universal ports.

Incomplete network link

Indicates an incomplete link configuration on the line ports between the two TCX1000-RDM20s. For example, if you configured the line port on one end of the link but did not configure the line port on the other end.


Indicates an incompatible wavelength at a topology level. Applies only to universal ports connected to a Junos router transceiver and the frequencies do not match.


The measured span loss on a network link is outside the range that the TCX1000 device can compensate for.

The Span Loss OOR alarm is raised against the Rx Line Port of the span, however the issue may be with the upstream managed device transmit (output) port, the downstream managed device receive input port, or the line fiber. The span loss performance monitor monitors both OSC and OMS can be queried in the proNX Optical Director, to determine which limits are being applied for the span loss OOR alarm. If the span loss OOR alarm persists after verifying the physical connections, we recommend you toggle the managed device’s Line Port Admin State (In Service -> Out Of Service -> In Service) to reset the EDFA gain range

Note: To toggle the line port on the TCX1000-ILA, the line port must be toggled on the upstream TCX1000-RDM20 since the TCX1000-ILA does not have a managed Line Port.

OTI Communication Failure

If a managed device had been discovered and the OTI interface is supported, OCL checks that an OTI packet has been received periodically If no packet is received for 5 minutes, the OTI Communication Failure alarm is raised. You can verify the device is reachable with the proNX Optical Director by performing a re-sync.

Topology mismatch

The proNX Optical Director generates a topology mismatch alarm if you select a multi-span channel path that runs over TCX1000-RDM20 hardware from TCX Series Optical Transport System, Release 1.0. The TCX1000-RDM20 hardware in TCX Series Optical Transport System, Release 1.0 requires a firmware upgrade to support multi-span capabilities. You can download the new TCX1000-RDM20 firmware here: TCX1000-RDM20 software download.

Device port (Topology link)

Topology link has FE=%s. Device not found

Topology link has FE interface=%s. Interface not found

Topology link has FE=%s provisioned with fiber-type=%s. Expected %s

Applies to line spans only.

Topology link has FE=%s which is already provisioned as FE for=%s

Topology link has expected FE=%s. Actual FE for=%s

LLDP auto-discovered FE does not match expected.

Topology link has FE=%s which does not have reciprocal configuration

Topology link FE=%s is an incompatible software version for %s

ROADM to ROADM links must have devices with same major version.

TCX1000-ILAs may be connected to each other or to a TCX1000-RDM20.

Topology link=%s missing required circuit pack

The far end command referenced in an external-link that does not exist in that far end TCX1000-RDM20’s book-keeping data.

Topology link FE=%s has an incompatible internet protocol for %s

IPv4 to IPv6 not supported on a single span. Both devices should be discovered with the same IP-version.

Topology link has FE=%s which is a CMD on a device connected by a line span.

Prevents crosstalk loop where L0 and L1 are in a loop

Topology link has FE=%s with %s. Frequency mismatch for %s

Only applies to external links on MD channel ports.



Topology links from CMD with duplicate wavelengths

More than one Junos port to same CMD but with same frequency. The proNX Optical Director does not know which is okay so all are shown.


Optical service has incompatible A=%s and Z=%s.

Service has incompatible tail configuration for FEC or/and modulation.