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proNX Optical Director Overview


The proNX Optical Director receives streams of real-time optical link measurements from all the TCX1000 Series ROADM elements under management. From this data, the proNX Optical Director builds an always current view of the optical links in the network. This allows the proNX Optical Director to make real-time control decisions on all aspects of optical link management, including the following:

  • Span loss compensation

  • Pass-through nodal loss measurement and alarming

  • Automatic per-channel power control through the entire network path

These control decisions are translated into commands that are communicated to the TCX1000 Series managed devices for execution. This ongoing control loop allows the proNX Optical Director to deliver optimal optical transmission performance for the managed devices by dynamically and automatically controlling all aspects of optical link output.

In traditional optical networks, this control function resides on the device hardware where the devices exchange proprietary control messages with each other on an optical service channel (OSC). Moving this function to a centralized software controller makes heterogeneous networks with equipment from multiple vendors possible.

The proNX Optical Director control and management software provides A-to-Z provisioning, dynamic real-time control of optical links, and activation of optical services. To create a channel service, you select the two service endpoints and the proNX Optical Director automatically creates the optical path for the service.

The proNX Optical Director also enables fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) functionality and optical service activation on optical interfaces residing in Juniper Networks routers and switches.