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Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions

This section contains information about how to upgrade to release 1.1 of the TCX Series optical transport system using the proNX Optical Director. Upgrading or downgrading the TCX Series optical transport system can take time, depending on the size and configuration of the network.

You must upgrade the software on the proNX Optical Director before you upgrade the software on the TCX1000-RDM20. Additionally, you cannot have a mix of release 1.0 software and release 1.1 software in your network (except for transient situations when you are upgrading). The proNX Optical Director software must be at release 1.1 and all the TCX1000-RDM20 devices must be at release 1.1. See Table 1 for the software release numbers corresponding to TCX Series Optical Transport System release 1.1.

Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions for TCX Series Optical Transport System

TCX1000 Series devices support non-disruptive software upgrades where the device retains the last known configuration and passes traffic uninterrupted. You can perform software upgrades on a single device or on multiple devices simultaneously. All software upgrades are initiated from the proNX Optical Director across the DCN (management network).

The provided software package is transferred to the device as a single file using SFTP.

The TCX1000-RDM20 uses a two bank boot structure which allows for the running load to remain in place while the new load is installed to, and run from, the other bank. This enables reversion to the original running load should an upgrade fail or you choose to revert before the process completes. Banks are referred to as A and B, and either can function as the currently active bank.

There are two phases in the software upgrade process: Stage and Activate. Once the SFTP Server and file are selected in the management system, you can chose to either Stage or Activate the upgrade.

  • Staging copies the software package to the TCX1000 Series device.

  • Activate performs the upgrade on the device

Upgrading Software Packages

To upgrade the software on a TCX1000 device:

  1. Download the TCX1000 software package from the Juniper Networks website.
  2. Save the TCX1000 software package to an SFTP server.
  3. In proNX Optical Director:
    1. Select the SFTP server on which the software package resides.

    2. Select the name of the TCX1000 software package.

    3. Select the Stage operation to copy the software package to the TCX1000 device. Ensure this task completes successfully before proceeding.

    4. Select the Activate operation to upgrade the device software. Ensure this tasks completes successfully before proceeding.

    After you initiate the software upgrade, the management system notifies you when the upgrade is complete.

    For more information on upgrading the software using the proNX Optical Director, see the proNX Optical Director User Guide.

Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions for proNX Optical Director

Note: The installation procedures for the proNX Optical Director require you to be familiar with Linux. If you are not comfortable installing Linux or running Linux commands from the command line, ensure that a craftsperson with Linux administration responsibilities is on hand throughout the installation process.

The proNX Optical Director software is installed on a cluster of three Linux machines. You need to set up each cluster server with the required Linux distribution prior to installing the proNX Optical Director.

To facilitate installation, we recommend that you use an additional computer to download, distribute, and install the required images on to the servers in the cluster. This additional computer is called the control machine. Once you set up the control machine, you can use the supplied scripts to carry out the installation on the cluster without having to work with each cluster member individually.

You can set up a new computer for the control machine or you can use an existing computer if you have one available.

The proNX Optical Director software is supplied as a single gzipped tarball. This tarball includes everything you need to install the proNX Optical Director including the installation scripts and the full set of container images. The proNX Optical Director installation process leverages the use of Ansible scripts to facilitate installation.

Refer to the proNX Optical Director Installation Guide for complete instructions on installing the proNX Optical Director control and management software. If you are running a previous release of the proNX Optical Director, you must perform a fresh installation of the Atomic Host operating system before you install this release of the proNX Optical Director.

Modified: 2018-06-06