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Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in this release of the TCX Series Optical Transport System.

For the most complete and latest information about known defects, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

Known Issues for the TCX1000-RDM20

  • In some situations, a very low span loss (less than 2 dB) combined with a higher transmit output power at the far end OSC might cause a Receiver Overload alarm to be raised on a TCX1000-RDM20 OSC port.

    Workaround: Add a fixed loss attenuator on either the far end transmit line port or the local receive line port to increase span loss by approximately 3 dB. PR1334598

Known Issues for the proNX Optical Director


  • In a large network, communication between the proNX Optical Director and managed devices might temporarily time out causing an increased number of raised and cleared Device Unreachable alarms. Traffic is not affected.

    Workaround: None required. The proNX Optical Director automatically retries to contact the unreachable device and clears the alarm once the device is reached. If a Device Unreachable alarm is raised but not cleared within 5 minutes, check your network. PR1361183

  • After power is restored following a power outage, the proNX Optical Director might occasionally not recover.

    Workaround: This is a rare occurrence. If, after 15 minutes, the output of the kubectl get pods command from the master node shows that one or more pods have still not changed STATUS to Running, contact JTAC. The use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will reduce the risk of this problem occurring. PR1337857

Optical Control

  • A Tx or Rx Nodal Loss Out of Range alarm might not clear even when the underlying condition causing the alarm no longer persists.

    Workaround: Look at the Nodal Loss historical PM on the port that raised the alarm. If the nodal loss is within acceptable range but the alarm is still present, undiscover and then rediscover the device. PR1351804

Network Topology and Services

  • Since physical links are not displayed in the service view, the state of physical links does not affect the service view. This can lead to a perceived anomaly where the service view shows all links as green but the service itself is operationally down because a physical link is down.

    Workaround: Use the service state in the Network>Services>Provisioned page as the indicator on whether a service is up or down. PR1324929

Modified: 2018-06-06