Configuration Commands

accounting-server add

Adds the IP address of the RADIUS accounting server to be used by the Timing Server for accounting. While adding the IP address, you can set the optional parameters secret word, retries (1 to 10), timeout (1 to 90), and port, that is [secret-word] [retries] [timeout] [port].

Note: The default values are set for the retries, timeout, and port options, if not configured. You can use the same command for modifying the configuration details of existing RADIUS accounting server. You can add only 3 RADIUS accounting servers.

# config accounting-server add auth123 5 50 1814 where [secret-word=auth123], [retries=5], [timeout=50 seconds], [port=1814]
accounting-server del

Deletes the RADIUS accounting server and its configuration by using the IP address of the server. The server is no longer used by the Timing Server for accounting.

#config accounting-server del

Configures the information (1: For login accounting only, 2: For interactive and login accounting, 3: For configuration, interactive and login accounting) to be used by the Timing Server for accounting. Default value is 3.

# config  accounting-level 1 where [1=For login accounting only]

Enables or disables RADIUS accounting in the Timing Server.

# config accounting enable