Configuration Commands

The reference to eth0 (LAN1 port) is for the single TCA6000 Timing Client Ethernet port and the similar configuration is used for LAN2 (eth1).

eth0 speed:

Configures the Ethernet port to either 10 or 100 Mb/s. It is recommended to use 100 Mb/s (default)

eth0 duplex:

Configures the Ethernet port as half or full duplex. For performance requirements to be achieved, full duplex (default) is required.

eth0 auto-nego:

Configures the Ethernet port as being able to auto negotiate the speed and half/full duplex (yes / no). It is recommended this be disabled (default), i.e. no.

eth0 ip:

Configures the port IP address, IP Mask and Gateway. There is only one gateway for eth0 and eth1.

config eth0 ip
eth0 ip-mode:

Configures the IP address as being a static or dynamic.

# config eth0 ip-mode static