Juniper Profile Configuration Command

The profile is configured with other PTP parameters within a configuration string. The Sync and Delay Response rates at the Grandmaster are required to match the Timing Client Sync and Delay_Request packet rates.

ptp grandmaster

The parameters that are required to be configured are the profile type (0-3), priority 1 and 2 (0 to 128) PTP Domain # (0-254), one/two-step mode, the Delay_Response / Sync / Announce packet rates and announce message timeout interval, i.e. [profile] [priority1] [priority2] [domain number] [two step] [delay interval] announce interval] [sync interval] [announce receipt timeout] NOTE: Two-step is not enabled when using TCA Timing Client as it is not required.

#config ptp grandmaster 1 1 1 20 0 6 0 6 3 where [BrilliantJuniper profile=1], [priority1 & 2 = 1], [domain #=20] [one-step] [Delay_Response/Request Rate= 6] [Announce Interval =0] [Sync Rate = 6] [Announce Timeout=3]
ptp gm dscp

Configures the Differential Service (DiffServ) of the IP packet which transports the PTP event and signaling messages. This should be configured to Explicit Forward (EF) which is a value of 46 decimal.

# config ptp gmslv dscp 46