Changing the IP Address of the Timing Client using the CLI

The Timing Client is assigned a default IP address by the manufacturer to allow access to the unit for the first time. The IP address should be changed prior to installing on a network. See Reserving an IP Address for the TCA6000 or TCA6500 Timing Client for additional information on how to reserve an IP address for the Timing Client. This section describes how to connect the Timing Client to a computer and how to use the CLI to change the IP address.

To use the CLI to change the default IP address of the Timing Client:

  1. Using the computer which is connected to the Timing Client, click the Start button and choose Run from the menu. The Run dialog box appears.
  2. In the Open field, enter the following:
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. A DOS window appears
  5. At the User name prompt, type the user name and press Enter.
  6. At the Password prompt, type the corresponding password and press Enter.
  7. At the prompt, type enable and press Enter.
  8. At the password prompt, type enable and press Enter.
  9. At the prompt, type config eth0/1ip and press Enter.
  10. At the IP address prompt, enter the IP address to be assigned to the unit and press Enter. The current IP address is shown in the brackets <>.
  11. At the prompt, type exit, save your changes, and exit enable mode or type help to view additional commands.