Requirements for Installing a TCA6500 Timing Client

Table 2 lists the items needed to install the TCA6500 Timing Client.

You must use an appropriate GPS L1 antenna (1575.42MHz) to receive a minimum GPS signal from the Timing Server. The antenna must allow a minimum signal input level of 20 dB with respect to the antenna output for the Timing Server.

Note: To calculate whether the external antenna, cable type, and length meets the minimum TCA GPS antenna input, use the following formula:

TCA GPS signal input = antenna gain – [(cable length) * (cable loss / Meter or Feet)]

Table 2: Antenna Mounting Requirements

Customer Supplied

  • GPS L1 antenna with a frequency band of 1575.42 +/-10 MHz 3 dB bandwidth.
  • Antenna mount
  • Mounting area clear for at least two meters of any metal or other material that could act as a shield and block the GPS signal
  • 160 degree clear view of the sky
  • Clamps, cable ties, etc., to secure cable