Selecting Between the Pre-Installed Software Images Using the CLI

The TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Clients ship with both T1 and E1 software images installed in the two internal non-volatile memory partitions. By default, the TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Clients use the E1 interface type. Use the show partition command to display the active and backup software images. The CLI displays the current software image as Active.

To select an alternate software image using the CLI:

  1. Verify that the TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Client is powered on.
  2. Connect to the Timing Client over a telnet application.
  3. Enter the login and password.
    >login: admin
    Password: admin
  4. Issue the en command, and then enter enable as the password.
    Password: enable
  5. Issue the show partition command to verify that the software image appears in Partition 1.
    # show partition
    Partition 1: cern-2.1.2-2-PTP-E1 (Active)
    Partition 2: cern-2.1.2-2-PTP-T1
  6. To initiate the reboot, issue the reboot partition-number command where partition-number is the number of the partition you want to load. Type Y to confirm.
    # reboot 2
    Are you sure you want> to reboot? y/n
    The appliance will reboot resulting in a “no service” condition.

Note: If the appropriate software image interface is not shown in either software image partitions, upgrade the in-active partition with the appropriate software image, and then perform the reboot as described in Upgrading the Software Using the CLI