TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Client Description

The TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Clients are carrier-class, compact network timing clients that deliver multiple outputs in a cost-efficient, flexible platform This user manual provides installation and operational information for these Timing Clients to allow successful deployment and operation of the server.

The Timing Clients—designed as network edge timing devices—accurately distribute ITU Stratum timing over IP or MPLS networks when attached to a Stratum 1 reference source, such as the TCA8000 or TCA8500 Timing Servers. When referenced to an accurate timing source, multiple output signals are available in the following formats: T1/E1, Pulse-per-Second (PPS), Pulses per Minute (PPM), PPS2 and 10/5/1 MHz. The TCA6500 Timing Client is also designed to accept a GPS signal from a variety of manufacturers’ antennas.

Note: The TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Clients ship with both T1 and E1 software images installed in the two internal non-volatile memory partitions. By default, the TCA6000 and TCA6500 Timing Clients use the E1 interface type. This manual refers to E1 configuration, alarms, and status but is also applicable to T1 except for some differences in nomenclature that are specific to each frame type. See Upgrading the TCA6000 and TCA6500 Software to install the software image for the appropriate interface type for the system.