The reference to eth0 (LAN port) is for the single TCA6000 Timing Client Ethernet port.

eth0 speed

Configures the Ethernet port to either 10 or 100 Mb/s. It is recommended to use 100 Mb/s (default).

eth0 duplex

Configures the Ethernet port as half or full duplex. For performance requirements to be achieved, full duplex (default) is required.

eth0 auto-nego

Configures the Ethernet port as being able to auto negotiate the speed and half/full duplex (yes / no). It is recommended this be disabled (default), that is no.

eth0 ip

Configures the port IP address, IP Mask and Gateway.

config eth0 ip
eth0 ip-mode

Configures the IP address as being a static or dynamic.

# config eth0 ip-mode static
ptp slv dscp

Configures the Differential Service (DiffServ) of the IP packet which transports the PTP event and signaling messages. This should be configured to Explicit Forward (EF) which is a value of 46 decimal.

 # config ptp slv dscp 4