Status Commands

Most status commands can be executed at the first level of login except where noted by an asterisk (*). These commands require the second level of login which is the same level as when configuration commands are executed.

ptp config

Displays the configuration parameters of the PTP for the Default, Brilliant/Juniper or Telecom Profile without Signaling.

ptp unicast-config

Displays the configuration parameters of the PTP for Telecom Profile with Signaling.

ptp default-dataset

Displays the PTP parameter including Domain # that is configured.

ptp utc-prop

Displays the UTC time information that is being used within the PTP timestamps including the offset.

ptp timescale-prop

Displays the PTP timestamp source type.

ptp stat

* Displays the valid and invalid PTP message event counters.

clear ptp stat: *Clears the counters

ptp dscp

Displays the Differential Service value for the IP packets which transport the PTP event and signaling messages.

ptp status

Displays the operation mode of the Timing Client (slave), state and PTP domain number.