VLAN Port Association (optional)

VLAN port association is not required for the operation of IEEE1588v2 and is used only when it is required to encapsulate the IEEE1588v2 timing packets and signaling (if enabled) into a VLAN packet format. If the Ethernet switch in which the TCA6000 Timing Client is connected supports port based VLAN than this operation can be accomplished within the actual Ethernet switch. Two VLANs are supported for the single Ethernet port. When using VLANs the application would be that one VLAN is associated with PTP message events which are on the same VLAN as the PTP Grandmaster Ethernet port (LAN1). The second VLAN would be associated with the management system within the network. Following is the configuration commands to attach a VLAN to IEEE1588v2 (PTP) event messages. Configuration requires the 2nd level of login which is after login using admin / admin (or user assigned information) the config login needs to be executed which is “en” at the prompt followed by entering the password “enable”. The network parameters of the Ethernet interface should be configured before configuring the VLAN information.

Note: You cannot configure Ethernet and VLAN port addresses to be in the same subnet (that is, all logical and physical interfaces should be configured to be in different subnets).