Status Commands

Most status commands can be executed at the 1st level of login except where noted by an asterisk (*). These commands require the 2nd level of login which is the same level as when configuration commands are executed.

ptp config:

Displays the configuration parameters of the PTP for the Default, Brilliant/Juniper or Telecom Profile without Signaling.

ptp unicast-config:

Displays the configuration parameters of the PTP for Telecom Profile with Signaling.

ptp default-dataset:

Displays the PTP parameter including Domain # that is configured.

ptp utc-prop:

Displays the UTC time information that is being used within the PTP timestamps including the offset.

ptp timescale-prop:

Displays the PTP timestamp source type.

ptp stat:

* Displays the valid and invalid PTP message event counters.

clear ptp stat: *Clears the counters

ptp dscp:

Displays the Differential Service value for the IP packets which transport the PTP event and signaling messages.

ptp status:

Displays the operation mode of the Timing Client (slave), state and PTP domain number.