PTP Profile Configuration

Configuration requires the second level of login which is after login using admin / admin (or user assigned information) the config login needs to be executed which is “en” at the prompt followed by entering the password “enable”.

The network parameters of the Ethernet interface should be configured before configuring the PTP profile information.

The following parameters are set for the PTP profile via the configuration commands:

Table 36: Configuration Commands



Domain number

0 to 254

Delay Req Mode



Telecom Profile

0: Telecom Profile Disable

1: Telecom Profile Enable

Delay Req Interval

5: 32packet/sec

6: 64packet/sec

Announce Receipt Timeout

2 to 10

The parameter options for the configuration command can be obtained for the configuration commands by adding a question-mark (?) after typing in # config, such as "# config ptp slave?"

Note: Configuration for Default, Brilliant/Juniper and Telecom with or without Signaling profiles can also be done via the Web Interface.