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Spotlight Secure Connector General Settings Overview


You can configure general settings for Spotlight Secure Connector. See Figure 1. These settings apply to all instances of the connector within Security Director.


This option is available only if you do not have any spotlight connectors selected. If this option is disabled, deselect all spotlight connectors and try again.

Figure 1: Spotlight Secure Connector General Settings
Spotlight Secure Connector General

Table 1 briefly describes the settings in each tab.

Table 1: Spotlight Secure Connector General Setting Options

Settings Tab



Defines the tokens used for authentication between Spotlight Secure Connector and other devices, such as WebApp Secure.

Note: Generate these tokens before associating an SRX Series device or WebApp Secure. You must enter the same token when configuring WebApp Secure. The device auth token is pushed to the SRX Series device when associating the SRX Series device.


Defines the severity level of log messages to report.


Defines e-mail settings for sending error log reports.


Defines when to check for updates to the Spotlight Secure Connector firmware and software packages. Updates are located in the Spotlight Cloud.