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Contrail SD-WAN Model


Contrail SD-WAN extends the Cloud CPE solution to provide a flexible way to route traffic to its destination, and as a result provides the automation of Layer 3 connectivity as well as distributed Layer 4 to Layer 7 services. Based on the distributed Cloud CPE deployment model, this implementation uses intelligent CPE devices located at customer sites to connect to hub devices, using a variety of deployment models. Traffic can flow between CPE sites, and from a CPE site to the Internet.

The SD-WAN model is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: SD-WAN Deployment Model
SD-WAN Deployment

The Contrail SD–WAN solution brings SDN–type capabilities to enterprises, offering agility, automation, and rapid automated recovery from failed WAN links, while containing WAN service costs. You can add connectivity options such as broadband or cellular Internet connections to your existing IP/MPLS VPN services, allowing you to prioritize critical traffic across the connections​, as well as move traffic proactively to a backup link if the primary link’s quality degrades enough to put a service–level agreement (SLA) at risk.