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Sky ATP Email Management: Allowlists and Blocklists


Access this page from Configure > Threat Prevention > Sky ATP Email Management and choose either the Whitelistor Blacklist tab.

Use custom blacklists and Allowlists to filter email attachments.

  • Read the Sky ATP Email Management Overview topic.

  • Compile a list of known malicious email addresses or domains to add to your blacklist. If an email matches the blacklist, it is considered to be malicious and is handled the same way as an email with a malicious attachment, blocked and a replacement email is sent. If an email matches the Allowlist, that email is allowed through without any scanning.

  • It is worth noting that attackers can easily fake the “From” email address of an email, making blacklists a less effective way to stop malicious emails.

The procedure for adding addresses to blacklists and Allowlists is the same, although the results are very different. Be sure you are adding the entry to the correct list.

  1. Select Configure > Email Management > Whitelist or Blacklist.
  2. Click the + sign to add a new entry.
  3. Enter the full address in the format or wildcard the name to permit or block all emails from a specific domain. For example, *
  4. Click OK.