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request services advanced-anti-malware redirect-file



Note that the file path is required when adding a file. When deleting a file, only the file name, no path, is required. For example: request services advanced-anti-malware redirect-file delete custom_page.html

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 19.3R1.


Allows you to add a customized file for users to be directed to. The file must be no larger than 8KB.

A default rich html file named “aamw_default_page.html” is included on the SRX Series device for you to use. It says the following:


Sorry, the page you are looking for has been blocked due to the current security policy. If you believe this is an error or need to access this link, please contact your security department.

Also use the following command to view added files: show services advanced-anti-malware redirect-files ?


addAdd a redirect file
deleteDelete a redirect file

Additional Information

See advanced-anti-malware policy for the set services advanced-anti-malware policy p1 http client-notify file command.

Required Privilege Level