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Device Information


Use this page to view the following information on the selected SRX Series device.

Table 1: Device Information Fields



Device Information

Serial Number

SRX Series device serial number


Host name of the device.

Model Number

SRX Series device model number


License type: Free, Feed only, Premium.

OS Version

SRX Series device JunOS version

Submission Status

Allowed or Paused. This indicates whether the device can submit files to Juniper ATP Cloud or if it has reached its daily limit. (At this time, the limit is 10,000 files per day for premium accounts.)

Configuration Information

Global Config

The Device and Cloud fields indicate the version numbers of each list, both on the device and in the cloud. You can compare them to see if they are in sync.

Profile Config

Global Whitelist

Global Blocklist

Customer Whitelist

Customer Blocklist

Connection Type


The time when the last telemetry submission was received.


The time when the last file submission was received.

C&C Event

The time when the last Command and Control event was received.