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File Scanning Details

Use this page to view analysis information and a malware behavior summary for the downloaded file. The following information is displayed for suspicious files.

File Summary

Table 11: File Summary Fields




The operating system of the host that downloaded the file. Example, Win32.

Threat Type

If possible, Sky ATP determines the type of threat. Example: Trojan, Application, Adware.

Malware Strain

If possible, Sky ATP determines the strain of malware detected. Example: Outbrowse.1198, Visicom.E, Flystudio.

Last Scanned

The time and date of the last scan to detect the suspicious file.

File Name

The name of the suspicious file. Examples: unzipper-setup.exe, 20160223158005.exe,, wordmui.msi.

File Size

The size of the downloaded file in bytes.

AV Results

If the AV scanner determines the file is a virus, this field indicates "positive." If not, the field indicates "negative."

sha256 and md5

One way to determine whether a file is malware is to calculate a checksum for the file and then query to see if the file has previously been identified as malware.

Hosts That have Downloaded the File

This is a list of hosts that have downloaded the suspicious file. Click the IP address to be taken to the Host Details page for this host. Click the Device Serial number to be taken to the Devices page. From there you can view device versions and version numbers for the Sky ATP configuration, including profile, whitelist, and blacklist versions. You can also view the malware detection connection type for the device: telemetry, submission, or C&C event.

Malware Behavior Summary

The information displayed here varies according to the malware type. Here is an example of a behavior summary for a level 10 threat.

Figure 3: Screen Capture: Malicious Behavior Summary

Screen Capture: Malicious Behavior Summary

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