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Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text and Syntax Conventions
Table 3: Tabs and What Their Workspaces Access
Table 4: Sky Advanced Threat Prevention Components
Table 5: Comparing the Sky Advanced Threat Prevention Free Model and Premium Model
Table 6: File Scanning Limits
Table 7: Sky ATP Dashboard Widgets
Table 8: Threat Level Definitions
Table 9: Command & Control Server Data Fields
Table 10: File Scanning Data Fields
Table 11: File Summary Fields
Table 12: File Scanning Limits
Table 13: File Scanning Data Fields
Table 14: Button Actions
Table 15: Device Information Fields
Table 16: Whitelist and Blacklist: Domain, IP, and URL Required Information and Syntax
Table 17: File Category Contents
Table 18: Device Profile Settings
Table 19: My Profile Fields
Table 20: User Fields
Table 21: Global Configuration Fields
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