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Configuring Threat Intelligence Sharing

Using the TAXII service, Juniper ATP Cloud can contribute to STIX reports by sharing the threat intelligence it gathers from file scanning. Juniper ATP Cloud also uses threat information from STIX reports as well as other sources for threat prevention. See HTTP File Download Details for more information on STIX reports.

Before You Begin


To enable and configure threat intelligence sharing, do the following:

  1. Select Configure > Global Configuration > Threat Intelligence Sharing.
  2. Move the knob to the right to Enable TAXII.
  3. Move the slidebar to designate a file sharing threshold. Only files that meet or exceed the set threshold will be used in STIX reports. The default is threat level 6 or higher.

    Note You can limit who has access to your information by creating an application token. See. Creating Application Tokens.

Table 30: Additional Information

TAXII URLs and Services


Discovery URL

Used by the TAXII client to discover available TAXII Services. The command to initiate a TAXII request is: taxii-discovery

Note: Refer to the TAXII documentation for information on additional commands.

Juniper ATP Cloud Discovery URLs are:

US Region:

EU Region:

APAC Region:


At this time, there are two services supported by Juniper ATP Cloud on the TAXII server.

Collection Management

Used by the TAXII client to request information about available data collections.

Juniper ATP Cloud Collection Management URLs are:

US Region:

EU Region:

APAC Region:


Poll URL

Used by the TAXII client to poll for STIX files - looking for malware that has been identified on the network.

Juniper ATP Cloud Polling URLs are:

US Region:

EU Region:

APAC Region:


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