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Searching for SRX Series Devices Within Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud

You can search for any SRX Series device enrolled within your security realm of Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud using the Device Lookup option. This option also a way for you to view the type of license the device is using: basic, premium, or free. .

Note With this release, you can only search for device using serial numbers.


To search for devices enrolled with Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention Cloud:

  1. From the Web UI, select Devices.
  2. Click Device Lookup.

    Before You Begin

    The Device Lookup window appears. See Figure 15.

    Figure 15: Searching for a Device in the Web UI

    Searching for a Device in the Web
  3. Enter the serial number of the device you want to search for and click Next. You can enter multiple serial numbers, separating each entry with a comma. For more information, see the infotips.

    Note The Web UI does not check for valid serial numbers. If you enter an invalid serial number, the results will come back empty. If you enter multiple serial numbers and one is an invalid number, the results will come back empty.

    The search results window appears. See Figure 16.

    Figure 16: Example Device Search Results

    Example Device Search Results
  4. (Optional) Click a serial number to view details about that device.

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