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Obtaining the Premium License Key


The Sky ATP premium license can be found on the Juniper Networks product price list. The procedure for obtaining the premium license entitlement is the same as for all other Juniper Network products. The following steps provide an overview.

  1. Contact your local sales office or Juniper Networks partner to place an order for the Sky ATP premium license.

    After your order is complete, an authorization code is e-mailed to you. An authorization code is a unique 16-digit alphanumeric used in conjunction with your device serial number to generate a premium license entitlement.

  2. (SRX Series devices only) Use the show chassis hardware CLI command to find the serial number of the SRX Series devices that are to be tied to the Sky ATP premium license.
     root@SRX# run show chassis hardware
    Hardware inventory:
    Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
    Chassis                                CM1915AK0326      SRX1500
    Midplane         REV 09   750-058562   ACMH1590          SRX1500
    Pseudo CB 0
    Routing Engine 0          BUILTIN      BUILTIN           SRX Routing Engine
    FPC 0            REV 08   711-053832   ACMG3280          FEB
      PIC 0                   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           12x1G-T-4x1G-SFP-4x10G

    Look for the serial number associated with the chassis item. In the above example, the serial number is CM1915AK0326.

  3. Open a browser window and go to .
  4. Click Login to Generate License Keys and follow the instructions.

    Note: You must have a valid Juniper Networks Customer Support Center (CSC) account to log in.

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