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    Adding Policy Enforcer as a Specialized Node in Junos Space

    As with other Junos Space appliances, you add Policy Enforcer to the Junos Space Network Management Platform. You can add multiple connector devices to the existing Junos Space fabric, but you can add only one at a time.

    To add Policy Enforcer to the Junos Space fabric:

    1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Administration > Fabric and then click the Add Fabric Node icon. See Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Adding a New Fabric

      Adding a New Fabric

      The Add Node to Fabric dialog box appears. See Figure 2.

      Figure 2: Add Node to Fabric Dialog Box

      Add Node to Fabric Dialog Box
    2. Enter the following information.




      Enter a name for the Policy Enforcer device. The name cannot exceed 32 characters and cannot contain spaces.


      Enter the IP address of the Policy Enforcer. This is the IP address you assigned to Policy Enforcer when running the bootstrap script.

      User and Password

      Enter the login credentials (SSH username and password) of Policy Enforcer.

      The credentials must be the same as those you specified when you ran the configuration step.

      If the credentials do not match, the add node operation (job) fails and Junos Space Network Management Platform displays the following error message on the Job Management workspace: Please check network credentials.

    3. (Optional) Schedule when you want to add the fabric node:
      • Clear the Schedule at a later time check box (the default) to initiate the add operation when you complete Step 7 of this procedure.
      • Select the Schedule at a later time check box to specify a later start date and time for the add operation.

      Note: The selected time in the scheduler corresponds to the Junos Space server time but is mapped to the local time zone of the client computer.

    4. Click Add to add the connector to the fabric.

      It might take a few minutes to add Policy Enforcer. When done, the Network Management Platform shows the appliance as having an UP status. See xxx.

      Similarly, in the Junos Space Security Director Platform user interface select xxx. The Security Director Platform shows Policy Enforcer as having an UP connection status when it is available. See xxx.

    Modified: 2016-10-17