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    Creating File Inspection Profiles

    Access this page from Configure > Threat Prevention > Sky ATP Malware Management and choose the File Inspection Profiles tab.

    To configure file inspection profiles:

    1. From the File Inspection Profiles tab, click the + sign.
    2. Enter a name for the profile. (You can create multiple profiles for file inspection.)
    3. Select a Sky ATP Realm.
    4. Select the file types to include using the check boxes. You can also define the maximum file size requirement per each category to send to the cloud. If a file falls outside of the maximum file size limit, the file is automatically downloaded to the client system. See Table 1 for the list of file types for each category.
    5. Click OK.

    Table 1: File Category Contents



    Active media

    Flash and Silverlight applications


    Archive files


    Source code


    Configuration files


    All document types except PDFs

    Emerging threat

    A special category that includes known threat source file types


    Executable binaries


    Java applications, archives, and libraries


    Dynamic and static libraries and kernel modules


    Audio video formats

    OS package

    OS-specific update applications


    Scripting files

    Portable document

    PDF, e-mail, and MBOX files

    Note: Once the profile is created, use the set services advanced-anti-malware policy CLI command to associate it with the Sky ATP profile.

    Modified: 2017-06-06