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    Navigating the Menus

    As you configure NSM on your NSM4000 appliance, the following standard navigational menu options are available to you. This section provides information on general options you can use during setup and configuration.

    The NSM Configuration main menu has the following options:

    NSM Configuration Main Menu

    1> Management IP []
    The IP address on this server that will be
    used for management

    2> NSM 'super' password []
    Password for 'super' user

    3> GUI server one-time password []
    Password to initiate authentication
    between HA peers and to Central Manager.
    This password must be the same for all
    NSM servers in this installation.

    4> Cfmuser password []
    CfmPassword for ConfigFileVersions directory

    5> FIPS Support [n]
    Enable FIPS Support or not

    6> NSM License type []
    Specify a license file, or select "Base Install"
    to use the built-in limited device license.

    7> Menu: High Availability [Off]

    8> Menu: Advanced Options

    A> Apply settings
    C> Cancel all changes and quit
    R> Redraw menu
    Choice [1-8,A,C,R]:

    To select an option, enter the number at the prompt and then press Enter. The following options are available on most menus:

    • Numbered Options — Enter setting options by number (1, 2, and so on) to access individual parameters or open menus.
    • Apply settings — Enter A to apply and save any modifications you have made and take you out of the setup program.
    • Cancel all changes and quit — Enter C to leave the setup program without saving any changes you made since you last saved.
    • Redraw menu — Enter R to redraw the screen text.
    • Main Menu/Return to Main Menu — Enter M to return to the main menu. This option is last on most menus.
    • Quit — Enter Q to exit from the setup program. You will be prompted to save or cancel any changes you made since you last saved:

      Q> Quit
      R> Redraw menu

      Choice [1–9,Q,R]: Q

    Published: 2014-10-30