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Filtering Layer 2 Packets in a VPLS Instance (MX Series Routers Only)


You can match the learn-vlan-id, user-vlan-id, and traffic-type terms for a VPLS instance on the MX Series platform. Packets entering or exiting the VPLS instance have a single VLAN tag. This VLAN tag is the same as what was received from the network. This VLAN tag corresponds to the one VLAN ID on a singly tagged logical interface or inner VLAN tag for the doubly tagged logical interface. The VLAN ID is used to qualify learned MAC addresses.

To configure a firewall filter for a VPLS instance, specify the conditions that the packet must match at the [edit firewall family vpls filter filter-name term term-name from] hierarchy level. To apply a firewall filter to a VPLS routing instance, include the input filter-name statement at [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name forwarding-options family vpls filter] hierarchy level. For more information, see the Routing Policies, Firewall Filters, and Traffic Policers Feature Guide.