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Create Fabrics and Discover Devices


Follow these steps to create a fabric and discover brownfield devices.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Fabrics page and click Create.
  2. When prompted to select a provisioning option, select Existing Fabric and click Provision.
  3. Enter the information on the Create Fabric page as described in Table 1 and click Next to begin the discovery process.

    Table 1: Create Fabric



    Existing Fabric

    Select to provision an existing fabric.

    Create Fabric


    Enter the name of your fabric. For example, DC1.

    Overlay ASN

    Enter autonomous system (AS) number in the range of 1-65,535. If you enable 4 Byte ASN in Global Config, you can enter 4-byte AS number in the range of 1-4,294,967,295.

    In this example, let’s use 65100.

    Device credentials

    Enter the root credentials configured on the fabric devices.

    Management subnets


    Enter an IP subnet to identify devices to include in the fabric. All devices in the IP subnet are subject to discovery, but you can later choose to delete those that should not belong to your fabric. You must specify a full CIDR in the form of an IP address and a subnet mask.

    For this example, use

    Loopback subnets


    Enter the IP address of the loopback subnets. This is a mandatory field. The fabric device loopbacks are numbered from this CIDR block in the event that the brownfield configuration does not have loopback addresses configured.

    For this example, use

  4. Click the Next button to proceed to role assignment after all devices have been discovered.