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Known Issues


There were several persistent issues in testing that caused the test results to fall outside of the solution requirements. These issues include:

  • On EX4300 switches, enabling IP source guard on data VLANs causes traffic on the voice VLAN to not be sent to other ports. Disabling IP source guard on the data VLANs resolves this issue. (PR 1001232)

  • On EX4300 switches, when the 802.1X supplicant mode is multiple mode, DHCP messages are sent to the VLAN assigned to the port rather than to the VLAN dynamically assigned through 802.1X authentication. (PR 1005276)

  • On EX4300 switches, the multifield classifier that is applied to the client VLANs sometimes stops classifying traffic after you reboot the switch. To correct this issue if it occurs, delete the multifield classifier and then recreate it. (PR 1008646).

  • On the EX4600 Virtual Chassis, when the primary is powered down, packets are dropped for 3 seconds, even when there are a low number of routes. (PR 1009531)

  • On the SRX650 gateways, when a link on which BFD is configured goes down, BFD sessions on all links can go down. This happens when the BFD timer is configured for a short duration (for example, 1000 ms). The problem does not occur with longer BFD timers (for example, 7.5 seconds.) (PR 1010748)

  • Although EX4300 switches support four multicast queues, traffic is always sent to the mcast-be queue regardless of the CoS configuration on the switch. For this reason, this solution configured all multicast traffic to be sent to the mcast-be queue on EX4300 switches. (PR 824525)